• Spreadsheet Header

    In new exports provided in the software, e.g. Daily Summary Outcomes, a header section has been added to the spreadsheet to track the specific processing parameters used. The header section is indicated by **header** The csv column data begins on the line following the **data** mark. **header** software_tool_name PALanalysis software_tool_version…

  • activPAL R Tools

    The activPAL R Tools are a package of functions that allow you to generate a range of pre-defined summary statistics from activPAL events files, including a breakdown of time spent in different classes of activity by custom time period and the distribution of stepping and cadence for stepping bouts of…

  • CREA

    Enhanced version of the activPAL algorithm.

  • VANE

    Original activPAL classification algorithm

  • MORA

    Default validation algorithm