The VANE algorithm is the original event-based activPAL algorithm implemented in PALanalysis v7. The version 8 / 9 tools fully replicate this algorithm, providing identical processing to the version 7 tools.

The algorithm uses the thigh location of the activPAL to identify sitting, standing and stepping events. Upright and not-upright separation is identified by using the inclination function of the accelerometer. The dynamic accelerations during stepping caused by the movement of the thigh and foot strike are used to detect stepping events.

Algorithm versions

Version 0.1

There is only one version of the VANE algorithm available in the V8 / V9 tools. This is the same classification algorithm as provided in the legacy PALanalysis v7 tool. No changes will be made to this algorithm in future versions.

The algorithm in the v7 tool has been fully replicated in the V8 / V9 tools, and tested using over a thousand example files to ensure that they provide the same analysis results.

Note: 10bit data files were not supported in the v7 tools. A bug fix for processing 10bit data was released in the v8 tools on 14th Oct 2019.

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