Upright bouts csv

Column Heading Description
TimeDate and time encoded as a floating point number, The integer part of number represents the date. The decimal portion represents the time.
(Full details at: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/210276)

To view the time in Excel, follow this these instructions
Time (approx)For convenience, the date and time accurate to the nearest second. This should not be used for
calculations of time diffferences
Data CountCount in 0.1s resolution from the start of the recording
Event TypeThe event type:
0 – non-upright
1 – upright

With the latest classification algorithm, additional non-upright event types are shown:

3.1 – primary lying
3.2 – secondary lying
4 – non-wear
5 – seated transport
DurationThe duration of the upright or non-upright bout in seconds
Upright Bout NumberEach upright bout is labelled with a bout number for reference
Num StepsThe number of steps in the upright bout
Total Standing Duration (s)The total time stepping in the upright bout (in seconds)
Total Stepping Duration (s)The total time stepping in the upright bout (in seconds)
Max Stepping Duration (s)The maximum continuous stepping bout during the upright bout (in seconds)
Num Stepping BoutsThe number of individual continuous stepping bouts in the upright bout

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