User Guide

The PALtransfer app enables activPAL data to be transferred to the cloud by participants from a remote location. The app is designed to be as simple as possible for the end user – plugging in an activPAL triggers the connection, download of data, verification of data and upload to the cloud server. 

Only activPAL recordings enabled for PALtransfer can be uploaded.  The flag to enable PALtransfer must be enabled when the activPAL is initially setup in PALconnect.

Current platforms supported are Windows, OSX and Android smartphones and tablets. The desktop application run as a system tray application, which detects the connection of an activPAL via USB.


  1. Windows and Mac Desktop app 
  2. Play Store Android app

Start Screen

The starting screen prompts the user to plug in their activPAL via USB. 

Connect / Download / Verify Screens

When connected to USB the app will initiate connection, download and verification of the recording data. Note active recordings will be stopped by the connection process.

For this reason, permission for an activPAL to be used with PALtransfer must be explicitly granted in PALconnect v8. Connecting an activPAL to PALtransfer without permission enabled will not connect and not cancel an active recording.

Data upload to cloud server

After validation, the data is uploaded securely to the cloud server.

The data on the cloud server can be securely managed on the PALportal 

Set up new recording (optional)

After the data is successfully uploaded, the option is presented to setup a new recording.