PALbatch User Guide

Batch processing options

The application starts up with the screen to select the options available for batch processing. After adjusting the options, press the ‘Generate exports’ button at the bottom to batch process the files. 


  • input folder – the input folder containing the datx files. The input folder and all sub folders are searched for datx files. This can be changed by typing in the box or clicking “Browse…” to select the folder.
  • output folder – the output folder for the exported files. This can be changed by typing in the box or clicking “Browse…” to select the folder. The default is a sub folder ‘analysis’ in the input folder. Note: if the folder does not exist it is created

Analysis Settings

validation algorithm

Adjustable criteria for the validation algorithm. See algorithm desciptions (Validation algorithms)

Wear time protocol:

  • 24 hour wear – allows 4 hours of non-wear per day
  • 14 hour waking wear day – allow 10 hours of non-wear per day
  • 10 hour wear day – allow 14 hours of non-wear per day

valid day filter

Options for using the valid day flag as generated by the validation algorithm

  • Show all days – the valid day flag is not used
  • Highlight valid days – valid and invalid days are marked
  • Show only valid days – invalid days are trimmed from the start and end of the data

wear correction

With ‘Auto-correct inverted wear’ selected, data files where the device was worn upside down will be automatically corrected.

classification algorithm

The classification algorithm can be selected and parameters adjusted.
See algorithm descriptions (Classification algorithms).

Export Selection

Enables the selection of the export options for batch processing.

The exports are grouped into different types: These are described on the following pages:

The “Include analysis parameters header” checkbox enables an optional header to csv exports to record the processing parameters which were used (Spreadsheet Header).

Batch Processing Progress

After pressing the ‘Start’ button, the progress of the batch processing will be indicated.

Batch Processing Complete

At the end of the batch process, the result is shown, and another batch process can be initiated.

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