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User Dashboard

The PALportal includes a user dashboard which provides a single location where you can manage your activPALs. 

The dashboard provides you with the tools you need to review the recording history of your activPALs and assess their in-field performance.  You can see details for all the activPALs associated with your user account (even if they have been deployed by another user (indicated in the PALuser column)).  Your user name is set by default to a a six digit random number but this can be set to description of your choosing from the settings wheel on the top right of the window. 

Wear Time profiles

This tab allows you to view the activPAL recording durations and estimated number of valid days.

Performance profiles

This tab allows you to view the performance history for the activPALs that you have used with a detailed visualisation of their use.  Hovering over the entries with your mouse will bring up addition information about the connection event. 

You will see the full usage history of any activPAL device you have used in the selected reporting period.  This includes performance metrics from recording sessions setup or downloaded by other users of the same activPAL.  The database only includes activPAL performance data and no raw or processed data is stored in the cloud or can be accessed from the dashboard.  The exception to this is the use of PALtransfer which does transfer activPAL raw data to the cloud, more details on PALtransfer.

Accessing the user dashboard

Dashboard navigation

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