Statistics on the raw acceleration data are calculated based on dynamic accelerations and static orientations.

The statistics on the orientation data are grouped into six dice faces (1 – up, 2- back, 3- right, 4 – left, 5 -front, 6 – down):

This data can be viewed in the PALanalysis visualisation Inclination and Vector Magnitude, and the data used for the validation can be exported (Daily Validation csv)

Validation Criteria

Total recording time for day

Valid if: recording time for day is 24 hours

Non-wear criteria

Continuous stillness periods which are longer than an hour are summed.

Valid day if: summed continuous stillness < allowed non-wear time

24 hour protocol – allow up to 4 hours continuous stillness
14 hour protocol – allow up to 10 hours continuous stillness
10 hour protocol – allow up to 14 hours continuous stillness

Stepping dice face criteria

Statistics on acceleration data consistent with stepping is calculated. The dominant dice face with stepping data is calculated.

Valid day if:

stepping dice face is upright


auto-correct inverted is enabled AND stepping dice face is upside down

Sitting dice face criteria

Statistics on surrounding bouts to the dominant stepping dice face (i.e. upright) are calculated

Valid day if: Sitting dice face is back, front, left or right