Download recorded data

From the connection screen select ‘Start Download’

An optional download identifier can be set which is both stored as part of the data file and the filename on download.

The data is then downloaded from the activPAL to the folder as specified in the Setttings

Once the data file has been downloaded a simple display of wear-time is displayed. A bar is shown for each day of the recording: wear time is indicated in orange, non-wear in grey. The wear time in hours is shown below each bar.

The number of valid days in the recording are displayed as an indicator of data quality (using a 24 hour wear protocol). In the example below, there are two full days of wear, two partial days, and three days where the device was taken off.

The ‘view file’ button launches an instance of PALanalysis for data visualisation and export of the analysis outcomes. 

Downloading from multiple devices

The data from up to 7 devices at a time can be downloaded using an activDOCK.

The wear-time display is shown as a list. In this example all activPALs were worn for the full 7 days of the recording.

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