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Battery Care

The activPAL uses a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. Please charge the activPALs when you receive them even if you are not planning to use them just yet.  For storage you only need to charge them until the amber light starts blinking (~80% charged) but for use you should charge them for 2-3 hours until the amber light is out (100% charged).


Only charge for 2-3 hours (when the orange light goes out they are fully charged). Leaving activPALs charging for extended periods will shorten battery life and is not recommended.


Charge the activPALs after use and before storing them. The activPALs are best stored partially charged (~80% charged indicated by the amber light flashing). They should be stored at an ambient temperature.


In terms of charging and storage, lithium-ion batteries are best stored at ~80% charged at an ambient officer temperature.  In practice this means they should not be over-charged (left on charge for extended periods) or left in a discharged state.  The battery in a device will self-discharge over 3-6 months so should be recharged regularly when not being used.  It is important that the activPAL is charged after use and at ~3month intervals when in storage as a low battery state will have a negative impact on battery life.

Battery status is reported in the PAL user portal.

Battery life

Battery life can be maximised by following the best practice of recharging after use and ~3months when not being used. However Lithium-ion batteries do decline in capacity over time and beyond two years battery life is unpredictable. We offer a refurbishment service to replace the battery in out of warranty activPALs.