activPAL R Tools

The activPAL R Tools are a package of functions that allow you to generate a range of pre-defined summary statistics from activPAL events files, including a breakdown of time spent in different classes of activity by custom time period and the distribution of stepping and cadence for stepping bouts of different durations. 

The package also contains functions to produce informative graphics that visualise physical activity behaviour and trends. This includes graphs that align physical activity behaviour with additional time based observations described by other data sets, such as sleep diaries and continuous glucose monitoring data.  Documentation on how to use the functions is provided within the package.

The most recent version of the package is available from the PALkitchen GitHub.

In order to use the activPAL R Tools package the R software environment must be installed on your computer.  The most recent version of the environment can be downloaded from the CRAN repository.

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